About Kiera May Boutique

“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it”

Kiera May Boutique – a Matakana clothing store born on the 6th of December 2016. The store is situated in the beautiful town of Matakana, an hour north of Auckland on the east coast. Think beaches, berries and wineries not to mention gorgeous boutiques and shopping experiences!

I wanted Kiera May (an amalgamation of my middle name and my Nana’s first name) to reflect my personality and style. With a love for French décor and industrial looks, I tried to create a mixture of both for the store to give it a certain feel and uniqueness.

‘I have nothing to wear’

It was thrilling getting started and selecting all the gorgeous clothing that we would be stocking. I love fashion, style and comfort and always having a new outfit because ‘I have nothing to wear’ so I had the challenge of picking the cream of the crop, a daunting thing to do when there are so many gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics!

My Mum is an absolute saint and has helped me through the starting up process and works with me at our Matakana clothing store when she has time off from her busy work/life schedule. Having Mum’s input is great as we have different tastes and style so we are incorporating some of Mum’s flair into Kiera May also. (Think Sharon Osbourne!) This allows us to be able to provide to a wider range of customers, like a quote I found online explains “Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it”

So, Welcome!

Enjoy the site and come visit Matakana clothing store if you are ever up in Warkworth, Omaha, Leigh or at the Matakana Farmers’ Market! (Highly recommend coming to visit!)

Kiera May Boutique – a unisex concept clothing store in the beautiful Matakana village offering everything from the latest fashion for men, women and children to skin care products and accessories.


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